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Campeche offers some of the finest and most consistent fishing for baby tarpon that have found anywhere in the Caribbean. Almost all of the fishing is site fishing from the bow of the panga, with most tarpon averaging five to fifteen pounds. Tarpon in the 20 pound range are considered large in this area. The primary fishing area near Campeche is a huge network of mangrove lagoons, flats and creeks that begin immediately north of the city and run north for more than 120 kilometers.

Most of the fishing is near the mangrove lined shore, creeks, and lagoons.  Some of the fish will be sighted and then cast to,  others will require blind casting in likely looking water.  There are lots of tarpon in this area and the prime season is March through December.  You will use traditional streamer flies as well as poppers or surface gurglers for some spectacular takes.  People average around 7-10 fish jumped each day although there have been a few days where we have been shutout it is very rare.  Some of the best days have been 30 fish jumped in a single day.

The guides of Campeche Tarpon are hard working and enthusiastic, and they will work hard to put you on fish and ensure that your overall experience is as positive as possible. They are dedicated, professional and experienced, and they know their waters very well!  Your host Alejandro has won many awards for fishing in the last few tears including:

* First place in the tournament realized by the CLUB DE PESCA SIGLO XXI (PRIZE : A Ford Ikon Full)
* Again He won the golden Tarpon for having captured the best species in size and weight in an official competition
* Special prize given for, SBS, dealers of Orvis Mexico, for there being the best position in the style of Fly fishing in the Tournament of the same year


"Campeche Tarpon, the town is beautiful, the people are friendly, the water is clear, and THE FISHING IS GREAT!"

Steven Charles

"Magnificent! An incredible fishing, thanks for all the hospitality and care to our group. Great fishing.
Keep on with the great Baby tarpon.

Thanks Pechuga & Alejandro

Chris Wells CGWtrout@aol.com

To those interested in fishing Campeche:

"Throughout my fishing adventures I have never found such a fishery that provides so many shots at baby tarpon. The beautiful lagoons and mangrove lined coast provide some of the rarest settings you will find anywhere. The city of Campeche is a real jewel that I haven't experienced elsewhere. The history, architecture, and culture will keep me coming back to this amazing city for years to come. Alejandro Hernandez has the dedication in providing an experience of a lifetime. He and his guides are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about fishing for baby tarpon. I have never been on a fishing adventure where I woke up so early to get out on the water so I could have time in the afternoon to see the city. Both the fishing and the city are a magnificent experience."

Tim OBrien




"I have made this trip every year for the last seven years, in campeche and intend to continue to come at least once and preferably twice each year for as long as I am able. I find the site fishing for baby tarpon mostly on the surface,very exciting and plenty of challenge , I prefer a nine weight with a floating line. both Alejandro and guides are very knowledgeable and more importantly lots of fun, we consider retiring in Campeche so obviously we think it a great place. Campeche is a real place not a tourist center,and does not cater to Americans so be prepared. That being said we have never had a problem with the food,which I really like, thinking about that guacamole makes my mouth water. Alejandro knows the mangroves, the hotels, the restaurants, the town, and the fishing spots and tides (very important)."

Tomas Obermeier


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